Valery Bilyy
Exhibition Organizer

The exhibition should become a symbol of a new direction that Ukraine is looking for in order to improve its position in the world, and above all to improve the situation of its people. And when they say that the gaming industry is a loss for mothers and wives, it’s not. You just have to be able to manage this market as it is done in normal civilized countries.
A civilized legal business should come to Ukraine, not the one that was before.

Michael Boettcher

Everything is better than I expected. Many international companies are represented at the exhibition and they all came here for one simple reason – they believe in the future of gambling market in Ukraine.

Igor Makievsky

The exhibition took place and this is definitely a fact. This is the first exhibition that marks the opening of the gaming market in Ukraine and it is most important that the market is launched. Manufacturers have the opportunity to meet for the first time in such a professional format at the exhibition and discuss, exchange views, offer their products and services. This is definitely the most positive step that will contribute to the development of a civilized gambling market in Ukraine.

Igor Romanyuk

It is insanely joyful to meet old friends, it is nice that almost the entire gaming market has survived and is now returning. The result, of course, is positive because today we see all these bright colors, wonderful things. Another question is why I did not see here for myself a mass ludoman, about which all politicians talk. The player is accustomed to playing in the tactile, in the ground business. Today, the question of how not to let the player into the halls is not worth it. Today, marketing, other services, the same sellers and manufacturers of equipment have the only question – how to attract a player.

Tamara Golubchik
General Director

We see excellent equipment from the best European manufacturers here. From this point of view, of course, we like the exhibition. But it is not as large-scale as usual, as we are used to seeing, but this is just the first step, and it is successful.

Peter White
Managing Director

Gaming Industry Expo is a very good for networking and making new business partners. We also got good quality leads from new potential customers. Overall a very good show.

Dimitar Muhovsky
Development Director

I would like to thank the organizers of the GAMING INDUSTRY exhibition who did their best. The organization is at an excellent level, as if this exhibition did not have such a break at 11 years. The organization is really very good, the conditions are good for everyone here, both for the visitors and for the participants. So the atmosphere is great!

Sakis Isaakidis
Chief Executive, International

Considering the mountain of difficulties that the organisers had to climb just to ensure that Gaming Industry Expo went ahead, the success that the show clearly was made a fitting tribute to all their hard work.
We are back, live shows are back and visitors, customers and business partners are back! Gaming Industry Expo marks the re-opening of the industry, live and in action, and it gives us all a very real expectation that better times are coming!

Ivan Surin
Marketing Director

I liked the exhibition. People have a lot of questions, in fact, there are even more than answers, so people are very active at the exhibition – they approach the stand, take interest, exchange contacts.

Ivan Rudyi

We have successfully held a round table at the exhibition. The questions were actually very relevant, adequate and I hope that the answers were heard, if not, then again communication mechanisms were proposed. Now a lot is in a certain information vacuum and we are going through the path of implementing this communication. Therefore, let’s hope that everything will work out, because, indeed, we are all doing one thing!

Oscar Giralt
Corporate Marketing Manager

We really enjoy being here. The Ukrainian market is just opening, we have high expectations. Previously, the Ukrainian market was very relevant. We expect him to become strong again. Therefore, we are waiting and very pleased with this exhibition.


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