In September 1994, the Kyiv Sports Palace hosted the first international specialized exhibition “ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY” that was carried out by Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry specialists. In the 2000s, the exhibition moved to the International Exhibition Center. Being carried out in September each year, the exhibition began to increase rapidly in size and number of participants. Very soon, according to the survey of one of the most reputable publications in the field of gambling – the UK magazine “InterGame” – the exhibition entered the rank of the top seven world events of this subject.

But in 2009, despite the veto of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine has adopted a law which completely banned gambling in Ukraine. According to experts, this act had grave consequences for Ukraine – the closure of approximately 200,000 jobs and significant losses to the Ukrainian budget up to 3.5 billion hryvnias per year.

As the legal gambling in the country was banned, the need for the exhibition “ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY” stood no longer. It took about 11 long years for the government of Ukraine to understand that the gambling business is the same form of entrepreneurship as many others and that it simply requires more order and transparency.

At last in 2020 Ukraine has adopted a law that allowed the organization of legal gambling in the country and brought it out of shadows where it stealthily survived since the ban and was considered as one of the sources of corruption in the country.

Understanding the need of a platform for gambling and gaming operators to communicate with each other and with the Ukrainian authorities, to demonstrate the latest developments of this business, a team of exhibition professionals, namely the same team that organized exhibitions “ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY” in the past, has decided to resume this useful event for the country – that is to revive and restart the exhibition “ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY”, which has to answer present requirements.

The organizers and many from the ranks of the gambling business entrepreneurs are confident that the international specialized exhibition “GAMING INDUSTRY” will be one more tool to stimulate the rapid development of gambling and entertainment in the country and invite you to take part in the event as an exhibitor or visit it.


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